Volunteer in Tohoku! (the sequel)

The Japan Cat Network Inawashiro Center needs YOU. They are in Fukushima addressing the needs of the animals and their guardians coping with the after effects of the disaster. Work includes, dog walking and care; cat area cleaning and care; animal health monitoring and treatment; repair/building projects, and general area cleanup; food drop/rescue trips into the evacuated/restricted areas (we have a pass, but please bring proper personal identification); transporting animals to spay/neuter or new homes in the Kanto area; and various organizational duties.

Whenever it seems like there might be a moment’s rest, the phone rings with requests for help, and off they go.

This tenacious team has been in the disaster area since March 22nd with amazing support from many volunteers over time, including invaluable support from folks on Camp Zama (US Army), Yoksuka Naval Base and Yokota Air Force Base, as well as local support from evacuated residents.

Now counting more than 300 animals rescued with funding given to JCN from JEARS. The work goes on even though the news of it wanes.

The work is hard but meaningful. If you are able to pitch in and contribute to the morale, that will help the work to continue.

There is limited free dorm-style lodging for volunteers, in loft areas, as long as you don’t mind animals sleeping below.

They have mattresses, sheets, and futons. You don’t actually need a sleeping bag, but that can be helpful, regarding laundry. We have had a lot of donated American food for volunteers; mostly snacks and breakfast items, but also soup, soft drinks, and some canned items. We have a refrigerator, hot pot, and microwave oven in each room, for general use, and there is a 7-11 convenience store within walking distance. It’s colder up here, than areas south, so be sure to bring some warm clothing.

The center is located in Inawashiro, not far (30 min. or so) from the junction between the Banetsu expressway and the Tohoku expressway. A variety of transportation options can be suggested.

please email Susan for directions or more information; info@japancatnet.com



ジャパン・キャット・ネットワークは福島にて、被災後に影響を受けた動物たちやその保護者たちの要望に全力で応えています。仕事内容は、犬の散歩・世話、猫の保護施設の掃除・世話、動物達の健康状態のモニターとその手当て、保護施設の修理や改善工事、清掃一般 、避難区域・警戒区域での給餌・救助作業 (ジャパン・キャット・ネットワークでは許可書を保持していますが、ボランティア各自が身分証明書を持参して下さい)、避妊手術の為や里親の元へと、動物たちを関東地区へ移動させる、その他雑務などが含まれます。ようやく休憩時間かと思えば電話が鳴り、救援のリクエスト、直ちに出動という忙しさです。








Flint River Ranch’s massive cat food donation!

Flint River Ranch and Kitpups have come through multiple times in donating the healthiest of bulk cat and dog food to JEARS. We thank them so much once again for their continued support of a huge donation when we needed it most.

As much and more than we could carry, the newest tonnage of high quality dry cat food goes directly to the JCN Inawashiro Center for their program feeding the left behind cats  (and dogs of course too) in the evacuated/restricted areas.
Having previously sustained the famous 80 chickens until they could be adopted, now the JCN Inawashiro Center is in the process of building feeding stations to get the animals through the winter, while carrying on a spay/neuter program. To do the work, great quantities of  dry food and even more volunteers are needed.

 If you would like to assist the JCN Inawashiro Center in getting these starving cats through the winter, or in preventing the next generation of homeless cats from being born, please contact  <info@japancatnet.com>.
thanks to you!

Amazon wishlists to support our shelters

To support our continued efforts, please consider purchasing items from the following Amazon wishlists to be sent directly to the programs who need them most;

Animal Friends Niigata;




Japan Cat Network and JCN Inawashiro Center (in Fukushima);


thank you!